Building For Life Kit

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By: Rick Warren

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In 1994 Rick Warren led the people of Saddleback in a faith commitment that included a one-day cash offering of $1,400,000 and a commitment to give $22,000,000 over the following 36 months.

In 1997, using the same program, the people at Saddleback gave $3,000,000 as a one-time offering and pledged to give $31,000,000 over the next 36 months.

Churches all over the world have used this material successfully, resulting in a savings of literally thousands of dollars in consulting fees. As always, feel free to adapt any part of this material for use in your own church.

Kit contains (8 audio CDs, Video, and Resource CD):

  • CD-ROM containing:
    • Building a Great Life sermon series (transcripts)
    • Survey guide
    • Church service outlines
    • Church announcements regarding "A Time to Build"
    • Banquet agendas
    • Sample newsletter articles
    • Q&A on A Time to Build
    • Script for announcing the campaign goals
    • Personal testimonies
    • Giving profile
    • ...and much more!
  • Reproducible Family Devotional Guide
  • Audio message from Pastor Rick as he shares his vision with the Saddleback congregation
  • A Time to Build commitment card
  • Changing Lives video from Pastor Rick sharing the Saddleback story
  • Building a Great Life sermon series PowerPoint
  • Ministry of raising money for God's work