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The Rick Warren Bible Library, Computer Software (PC Only)

Item #: PZ952300
Our Price: $199.99
* 20 Bible translations
* 45 reference works
* 9 commentaries
* 3 dictionaries
* 3 handbooks
* 3 photo and Bible atlases,
* Plus much more!

WORDsearch 9 version of the Rick Warren Bible Library combines remarkable ease of use with Pastor Rick's selection of key resources for pastors. "WORDsearch is a great Bible study software program," said Rick Warren. "It is simple and fast. Nothing else comes close for comparing the best Bible translations quickly. I've been using WORDsearch for several years in my writing and sermon preparations. Now the new WORDsearch 9 is even faster, easier and more helpful - without losing the features that made WORDsearch my favorite. Our new Rick Warren Bible Library combines WORDsearch 9 with some of my favorite Bibles and references, including three of my own books."

WORDsearch president, Randy Beck, said his organization's partnership with Warren's Purpose Driven Ministries makes perfect sense. "The stated purpose of WORDsearch - to serve those who preach and teach to change lives - along with our product function and electronic library of books and Bibles have all been directly influenced by Rick Warren," he said. "It's a great privilege to use our technical and management talents to serve his ministry. Rick commented a few years ago that preaching was, by definition, aimed at changing lives. Otherwise, it would just be lecturing. We took our purpose of serving those who preach and teach to change lives from that insight."

WORDsearch has one of the largest electronic libraries of Bible and reference resources, together with what is widely regarded in the industry as the easiest CD and web-based Bible software program ever conceived. With a reliability that is unmatched, the software has stood the test of time while boasting several hundred thousand users.

Whether at home, at the office or on-the-go, now everyone can have access to one of the most comprehensive collections of Bible-study resources anywhere with the Rick Warren Bible Library. The product also includes Rick Warren's Pastoral Helps consisting of more than 2,300 action verbs, more than 240 category words for outlining sermons, four indexes to The Purpose Driven Church book, an encyclopedia of more than 15,000 illustrations, and three complete works by Pastor Rick, including Answers to Life's Difficult Questions, The Power to Change Your Life, and Personal Bible Study Methods.

PC Minimum System Requirements:

APPLICATION: Windows XP with an appropriate computer system (486 minimum, Pentium recommended) or with Vista with an additional upgrade purchased from Wordsearch.
MEDIA: DVD-ROM drive (2x required, 4x or higher is recommended).
RAM: Minimum of 32 MB
HARD DRIVE: 200mb free hard drive space


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